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“The concept of need for privacy is considered (at the societal level) to be an essential condition for the Human Being. Many countries implement legislation and laws that “guarantee” privacy for individuals, businesses, religions, education institutes, and so on. Other countries strip away any expectation of privacy. Vast sums of money are directed toward efforts to maintain diverse facets of privacy. The resultant culture of privacy that has been created is the consequence of parochial thinking. The pursuit of privacy implicitly orchestrates an endless Human versus Human struggle for concealment. Privacy is an environment in which individuals protect and insulate particular aspects of themselves from perceived “outsiders,” which is most of the Human Species. Privacy is an illusion.

Illusion of Privacy

Illusion of Privacy

From a spiritual perspective, privacy is problematic as there is no reasonable probability that any such condition can exist. Indeed, privacy is impossible within the primal energy streams that flow through the Cosmos. The acceptance of this proposition is crucial to the effort of repairing of Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature relationships.

All personal thoughts, desires, and actions are patterns of energy pulsating within the “fiber optic” that connects Human Beings with each other and Nature. The presence of the Human Being as a donor to the energetic formation of the “fiber optic” signifies that she or he is transparent throughout the moment—to—moment contribution process. The influences entering the energy flux are a de facto exposure of the consummate inner structure of the Human Being. Resultant outcomes of those unique influences are expressed through the cause and effect impact on seven billion other Human Beings, and the indispensable symmetry of Nature. Rare are those Human Beings with the spiritual adeptness to continuously examine his or her dynamic behavior within the Cosmic energy stream. Until such adeptness is universal, chaos will be the predominant influence in Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature interactions.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. i’ve been thinking a lot about this lately – my need for privacy – not only in terms of personal space, but in sharing my words. (the irony of having a public blog hehe.) my comfort zone is being expanded as i’m feeling that, ultimately, nothing is private – so all these measures of ‘protection’ are somewhat pointless. more importantly, i can see how, over time, the need for privacy becomes isolating and walls us off from others…so i’m learning how to find that balance. thank you for this post! aleya

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    • Hi Aleya,

      Thank you for sharing your insightful perspective. For me, “personal privacy” has meant doing something like a remote wilderness trek, but not so much to be “alone.” It is more to quiet the perceived external noise to focus on the energy flows that carry all that noise. Yet, as you point out, there is nothing “private” about it.


  2. In defense of chaos, Rob. These four walls protect my privacy and provide me time-out, even if that time out is an illusion. Some illusions are necessary to human survival.


    • An illusion is a displacement of “reality”, which implies that something unreal cannot be necessary for survival. Ultimately, it’s simply a personal perspective or belief. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jean 😉


  3. I hadn’t considered the evolution of a need for privacy. So much of man’s evolution is to join a group, safety in numbers/mass/size, until that becomes systemic and now man needs alone time. I wonder if that’s inate or evolved. I recall from Goodall’s studies chimps liked to be alone at times.

    Interesting idea, Rob.


    • Hi Jacqui….

      Perhaps there is a distinction between privacy and individual alone time. Also, while (in theory) alone time may offer some level of “privacy” in the perceived world, there are no conditions for privacy at the spiritual level. Alone or not, the Human Being feeds influencing forces into the collective energy flow. A person cannot exercise a choice in this matter. We exist, therefor we influence. Whether by thought, desire, or action is irrelevant.

      The same holds true in Goodall’s observations. The chimp may have found some alone time, but the energetic influences continued albeit somewhat different than the capabilities of the Human Being.

      Thank you for the perspective and discussion, Jacqui 😉


  4. We are born to have nothing to hide, until we are told that we need our cloth.In the book ‘The Road Less Travel’, that we started to build boundaries between us and the World when we were younger. There are a few reasons that we build these boundaries, and some religions/philosophies have been trying to help us to identify some key factors that we can remove them to a certain extend. Privacy is indeed an interesting aspect of our life.


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  5. This is an interesting one. Privacy is something we all struggle for, I think. A part of ourselves is something we all want to keep for ourselves. Yet, we are connected to others, and we “leak” information about ourselves all the time.
    Super pictures!

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