Being Human

Struggling For Significance


“At a corporeal level, what is the basis or criteria that decides the significance and relevance of a Human Being? More refinements can be applied to this thought process when including a relativity observation of significance to relevance. Significance spans the notions of “substantial” to “world-shattering,” and plays to the perceived importance of a Human Being in the past or present condition. The significance of an individual or group may not even be apparent until the future, whereas relevance is the force a Human Being introduces into existing or developing situations, in real time.

Some element of perspective is appropriate when probing into the dynamics of significance and relevance. A tyrant or serial killer can achieve both significance and relevance. Clearly, the same is possible for political parties, governments, religions, or sea slugs. Animal and environmental activist organizations are perceived as significant (to supporters and opposition), but are not necessarily relevant to the overall scheme of Nature. Fundamentally, nothing in the environmental or animal rights strategies effectively address the intrinsic dilemma and core influence that shapes Human—to—Nature interactions: the turbulent energetics of Human—to—Human relationships. Activist groups attempt to force changes from a direction where such changes are impossible and unsustainable. The attitude of the Human Beings towards Nature will not evolve until the Human—to—Human dynamic is repaired.

The same deficiency is present in political parties, ruling governments, social activist groups, and religion. The tactic is to coerce (subtly and not so subtly) participation in or alignment with those institutions. The goal is to create a perspective that any or all of them maintains prime significance and relevance within a particular culture or country. The expected allegiance is to party, religion, or ideology, and not to the Human Species. The potential aggregate force of a united Human Species is sold out for the meager price of “feeling” significant or relevant (by association) with archaic systems that have never demonstrated a capacity to teach, cultivate or nurture the condition of Peace within the global community. “Unconditional love” is merely a catch-phrase strategically inserted into political, religious, and social rhetoric.

Human Beings are forced into opposition with each other due to the presence of oppressive geographical borders, the extreme divisiveness of religions, or social and political/government leaders who merely parrot the party lines as a substitute for exercising the capability to unify the Human Species. All Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature aggression is induced by these existing restraints. NatureChild_WPphotoCRSignificance and relevance are elements of spiritual composition governed by the laws of cause and consequence. Spiritual movement reveals the disparity between the significance and relevance the Human Being does strive for, and that which the Human Being should strive for.

The significance and relevance of a Human Being are constructed by her or his spiritual evolution. Human Beings are significant because each is an equal and vital force that completes the potential capacity of the whole. The relevance of a Human Being is established through the moment—to—moment influences that touch all aspects of Creation. The Universe of today, tomorrow, or the next moment is and will be the outcome of generations of children observing adult conducts and interactions. Adults must choose the demeanor by which significance and relevance will be characterized for the children.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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