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“Spiritual beginners move in too many directions and lack the focus to sustain inner examinations. It is not a negative condition, but the process of opportunities to amplify commitment and discipline. For clarity, an individual who has been “spiritually active” for many years may still be a beginner. That is because she or he has yet to refine (or embrace) the appropriate level of intensity required for the internal work.

Initially, inner work is an attempt to self-observe with intent. Meaning, an individual aims to observe the causal factors that sculpt his or her capability to influence. Causal factors (perceivable events, interactions, or conditions) are inescapably present in every moment and must be examined as such. A prime causal factor is the forms of energy that flow within the Human Species specifically, and Nature in general. Those energetics are also continuously present and impacting, but only (progressively) discernible to Human Beings, who have reached some level of tangible spiritual progress. The “empirical data” that quantifies spiritual advancement is not the same as that which applies to the physical sciences. Spiritual movement is existential, i.e. the Human Being validates spiritual accomplishment by consciously functioning in dimensions not previously available. No element of proof relating to genuine spiritual attainment can be provided to anyone, nor should it be offered. An individual seeking spiritual acumen must do so through the evidence of his or her efforts, and not the words of another. Spiritual truth is that which a Human Being attains, not that which is spoken about.

The effects of all causal factors emerge as the emotions, thoughts, desires, and actions of the Human Being. Consequently, the influencing capacity of the Human Being (hate, anger, love, compassion) is constructed and propelled into the energy stream that interconnects the Human Species and Nature. Nothing exists outside the structure of consciousness. The only inhibition to this realization is the depth of cognizance an individual has achieved. The movement of energy unites all aspects of Creation. To view the causal factors as detached from the inner structure of the Human Being would be the same as supporting the proposition that the moon is separate from tidal motion.

The beginning of spiritual inquiry is self-centered and addresses variations of the central question: What will it get me? Necessarily, if a valid spiritual quest is pursued, that initial emphasis will evolve toward the more essential questions: What is the spiritual role of a Human Being relative to present and future conditions of Creation? How is that role fulfilled?

Can there be invalid spiritual pursuits? All Human Beings are traversing a spiritual path. Whether there is acknowledgement or intentional commitment is irrelevant. It is not uncommon for a segment of the Human Species to remain aligned with the self-centered approach to spirituality. Nevertheless, it is problematic for a Human Being to establish self-interest as the primary basis for spiritual engagement. The effect contributes to the chaotic energy that disrupts Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature relationships. To evolve spiritually is to shed the self-centered tendencies while gaining clarity of the unified structure of the Human Species and the purpose thereof. Only then does the Human Being begin to grasp the concept of destiny.

Destiny is a fluid, abstract set of possibilities determined by cause and effect relationships instigated by a Human Being. The Human Being does not choose a path, nor can the path be predetermined for her or him. The Human Being only chooses to engage the effort that leads to a network of pathways, through which destinies are realized. Hphoto2bWPphotoCREach path is dynamic, and trajectories will be altered as the sensation of energy flows becomes more discriminating. Every shift is a new journey which facilitates the expansion of opportunities to explore dimensions heretofore obscured.

Overwhelmingly, the Human Being arrives at the realization that spiritual effort is never about self. It is a quest to bring to maturity the spiritual potential of the Human Species.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. I am extremely grateful to be on a spiritual journey, but life would have been grand if I started at a young age (I know I am living the past for just a moment). I wonder if it is possible for younger adults to become spiritual and to want to do the inner work. It would be much easier now because their minds are not as conditioned, although they lack life experiences. My daughters are in their late 20’s, and I am doing my best to guide them to where I am now, so that they have more peace, love, and joy in their lives. As a parent, I want them to succeed in life, but I also understand they have to want to as much. Cutting those apron strings is difficult. Thank you for your inspiration Rob! ~dp

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    • Hi Deborah,

      Thank you for your comments 😉

      It would be difficult (but not impossible) for a child to be inclined to even consider inner work. It is typically the journey through life experiences that bring an adult to the point of such a desire. The child’s mind is curious and hyperactive; so much that the requisite discipline for inner work would be problematic. There are exceptions specific to upbringing. This is where the adult-child relationship becomes so critical…. The quintessential example the spiritually active adult sets for the child. The global adult community has much work to accomplish in even understanding the value of our children. There is very deep and layered cause and effect implications within the adult-child energetics.

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  2. “Overwhelmingly, the Human Being arrives at the realization that spiritual effort is never about self. It is a quest to bring to maturity the spiritual potential of the Human Species.” This is a lovely thought, but I say thank goodness for the “what’s in it for me” part, or very few people would get started. I’m talking about myself, of course. 😉


  3. It’s a beautiful thing to realize that spiritual awakening is happening and the “self” slowly getting dissolved and turning towards a direction where potentially the Human Species will reach spiritual maturity unified as one.


  4. Well written. I often have to read your posts a few times. Re-readings speak to me differently. The sentence that speaks to me is the one about Spiritual truth being one that one attains, not speaks about.
    That painting / illustration at the top is marvellous

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