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“Conceptually, “love” exists at three levels, all of which apply to the Human Being as a behavior that is functionally exclusive to the Human Species. It is not being implied that other life forms do not experience some aspect of these impressions. However, Human Beings possess a unique aptitude for the sensations of and interactions with the variant forms of “love.”

Somatic love is a physical attraction, i.e. the physical sensations experienced between Human Beings that may or may not include some degree of emotional connecting. Emotional love embraces the psychological impressions that develop (in levels of intensity) between Human Beings that may or may not include some degree of physical connecting.

balzacs7WPphotoCRUnconditional love is a force of energy that only a Human Being can aspire to and transcends both the latter and the former. Emotional and physical attachment between Human Beings, regardless of intensity level, only represent a notional sojourn into the realm of unconditional love.

Nothing is being proposed in this discussion that diminishes both the importance and the impact of physical and emotional experiences between Human Beings. The purpose of the Human Species is defined and forged through the evolutions of Human—to—Human interplays. Nonetheless, the arousal of somatic or emotional love does not establish the de facto presence of unconditional love.

When cultivated, unconditional love is the expression of an attained inner capacity specific to the Human Being.oldtown2WPphoto2CR An individual thusly evolved is a dynamic energy structure that influences with an extraordinary force, reducing all cause and effect conditions to one constant interaction. She or he exists as the actualized power of unconditional love, absent of any capability to influence otherwise. Self-centeredness is supplanted by the transitioned ego.

The Human Being imposes conditions in all forms of relationships, e.g. marriage, friendship, business, political, ad infinitum. An individual maintains his or her anticipation that certain requirements will be adhered to if the integrity of the relationship is to be preserved.

Love is pure only when no restrictions are attached. That is why it is termed unconditional.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Dear friend,

    I consider love that hugs the whole being, the whole creation which finds its way in each of our lives individually, be it bad or good in its ups and downs, – it is like an open heart that has space and a horizon large enough to contain all facets of life, like a sun that gives light to all of us, independently of our colour, behaviour, nation, faith or individual characters. Does it want anything in return? No, surely not and there are no conditions of giving this light. We human beings often mix it up with sex alone or hold the position of possessing someone we “love” – but is it not like that: if we love only one person but the others are excluded from this all-over love for everybody – how can we then love everyting, the creating force of which we are all part of it? We surely chose a companion in our life to help each other to solve the mystery of life and death – but nevertheless this sun-shining love should comprise all parts of the creating force (God, or whatever name we like to give to the Namless One) – if we hate or dislike only one drop of the Vast Ocean of Life then…

    I would like to share with you my last poem about “True Love”

    True love

    True love is not a business
    True love has no expectations
    True love shares and gives
    True love exudes the fragrance of the heart
    True love unites, embraces
    True love sacrifices without equivalent
    True love is full of humility
    True love is full of compassion
    True love is consciousness
    True love is the light of God

    Let us light this light in us
    And share it with the whole world

    DidiArtist, 05.02.2017

    Thanks, dear friend, for sharing your post about unconditional love dressed in wise words.

    All good wishes

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  2. Ahhah! I’ve heard you refer to unconditional love in many of your posts, Rob, and here I find your definition/understanding of that term. I like your sentence “Self-centeredness is supplanted by the transitioned ego”, which sounds so simple and yet is depictive of the rather large challenge humanity faces to see beyond personal love (“somatic/emotional”) and understand – want to understand – the higher vibrational form of love “when no restrictions are attached”. Some people would say that unconditional love is for saints and mystics only. I would disagree, like you. Joyful greetings, Sam 🙂

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    • Thank you for sharing your perspective, Diana. The divine source thing gets a little tricky depending on how it is defined. We have thousands of “divine sources” to choose from and the number has grown with the evolution of Humankind. In the process, our collective potential as a species has been diminished.

      Enjoy your weekend 😉


  3. It took many moons, perturbed relationships, disquieted pains before I ever acquired the understanding of unconditional love. And the funny thing is… it is something not requiring an understanding; but simply an acceptance of just the way it is.
    Hope your weekend is doing good. =)

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    • Hi Jacqui….thank you for the thoughts….

      Many animals have an intuitive tendency for social connection. Alternatively, some species have no choice but to be social, as survival is dependent on numbers. There is no capacity to choose otherwise. Clearly, some animals have emotional responses to situations. Only a Human Being can engage emotional responses by observation, analysis, and spiritual relevancy.

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  4. lovely piece. sometimes we give love to the wrong person, where it is not appreciated. Now what kind of love is that? I am speaking of the
    love given by one person alone. I don’t think i would call this unconditional love. The kind of love that is not returned, surely is a misguided love. just my thoughts. eve

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    • Thank you, Eve….

      The situation you describe seems more aligned with the emotional aspect of love. When we commit (or invest) ourselves this way, reciprocity is a latent expectation….acknowledged or not. As you indicate, it can be unhealthy is some circumstances. When an individual becomes the force of unconditional love, there is no expectation of anything. The love they express is universal. Such an individual can also “love” at the emotional/physical level, but they have a capacity to “feel” the intentions of others. The chances of an unhealthy relationship for this person are highly unlikely. An individual must be clear about their own reality and the forms of love for which they are capable. There is no shortage of “spiritual seekers” who promote themselves as having attained the capacity for unconditional love. The non-evolved ego can be problematic.

      Just a perspective….

      Thank you for the discussion, Eve….

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