“Seeking truth
No parameters
Always evolving

Epistemological existence
Journey through dimensions
Truth is

Pursuing spirituality
Of what?
Or whom?
Mind plays to ego

Observe outside self
Scrutiny of others
Mirror of deception

Observing inner
Disorganized canvas

Self-appointed teachers cannot
Intentional imposition
Too much harm
Lessons in delusion

One in ten million
Teachers of true capacity
Will not
Only a perspective
No foul, No harm

Seeker’s epiphany
The “no win” scenario
Grains of sand”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. I always admire people who worship their God..or what ever they are called, I on most days don’t judge anyone’s worship..I do have opinions if they attempt to make it the only way to believe…
    Goddess may have a different word from opinion, 🙂
    when I take quiet time, walking Maya with no phone, no music, I always feel like I am in my own church…Temple? and I am one on one with my Divine….I don’t think it is worship though, I think it is being part of the flow of the Divine…yes I tend to lean more to the feminine side of the energy, but it feels like that is my journey to experience this time around…though I suppose this is all one perspective and more than likely an illusion or dream of mine…but it feels right to me…
    Your words were in quiet fluid thoughts, I liked them very much
    Thank you for sharing them with me/us,,,,,
    Take Care…You Matter…

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