Metaphorical misdirect
Thinly veiled disconnect

The rabbit hole
Best left
To the sapient soul

Ocean waves dance
Currents of expression
One body

Self-love transcended
Humanity ascended
One body”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Would the waves dance with that rugged-looking shore or would they crash against it? An unceasing dynamic interaction? No. There would be times of peace, but only times.Such is life.


    • Hi Jean,

      Since waves are the effect of gravitational influence (moon, sun), the movement is just what it is. Whether crashing or dancing is simply a Human perspective. The wave cannot exercise a choice in the movement. Peace is a function of choice, not perspective. “Peace” cannot choose to exist, or not to exist. The Human Being can choose to exist in Peace, or not. In the context of Peace, “Such is life” is actually “So we choose.”


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