Dimensional Drifts


“Eclipse doubt imprinting
Élan vital sans second guessing
Delicate dances

Evading mortality
M-theory boundlessness
Dimensional drifts

Realism cortex
Counterfeit hypotheses
Falseness mimics Truth

Enlightened vision
Experient praecognita
Causative expansion

Existence spectrum
Sensory metamorphosis
Status quo decays

Leveraged outcomes
Spiritual laws constant
Cryptic force majeure

Free will forewarning
Ripple effects inflexible
Dimensional drifts”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

2 replies »

  1. Lost, confused and between…hopefully we will sort it out and get to drift towards the right direction…love your blurred image, perfectly reflects the meaning of your thoughts which are by the way perfectly clear…


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