“Moments harvested
Consciousness liberation
Timeless stream flowing

Thoughts critiqued, root to blossom
Inceptions discerned

Imposed emotions
Discordant influences
Accept or reject

Nurtured awareness
Inner structure metasis
Harvest bountiful”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. I was just recently told this –
    The ability to observe without evaluation is the highest form of intelligence.
    It’s the prajna – the highest form of consciousness, loving awareness. Funny how waves of thoughts from all corners of the world come to shore huh?


    • Your comment reminds me of my study path of 60’s and 70’s….the relational synergy from Samadhi to Prajna….and yes, the “waves of thoughts” are a continuum that bind us……Thank you, Maia 😉


        • I still pack around the old “Buddhist Bible” I bought years ago. There is a pretty clear perspective offered on that: ”

          To an enlightened disciple (who has realised Prajna in Samadhi) discussion about it is unnecessary. To argue about Prajna or Samadhi as to which comes first, places one in the same position with those who are under delusion. Argument implies a desire to win, it strengthens egoism, it binds one to belief in the idea of “a self, a being, a living being and a person.” But we may liken Samadhi and Prajna to a glowing lamp and its light: with the glowing lamp there is light; without it there is darkness. Light is the quintessence of the glowing lamp, the glowing lamp is the expression of light. In name they are two things, but in reality they are one and the same. It is the same with Samadhi and Prajna.”


          • We had the same slide presented during my training…
            As I understand it, Samadhi is the manifestation. Prajna is the way we manifest. Samadhi answers the question where. Prajna replies to the question how.

            Where to go how…?
            How to do where…?

            Same difference. Amazing huh?

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