“Perfection innate
Elemental Beingness
Human inner trait

Contra thoughts or acts
Collective nihilism plague
No absolution

Human omneity
Causal culpability
Imminent effects

Naïve condemning
Self-preservation defense
Oneness disownment

Perfection polluted
Polar opposites converge
Emptiness complete

Lost souls rebelling
Desperate screams resonate
Interim detour

Belonging longing
An extremist’s easy prey
Devolved life value

Love force proving ground
Thought energy never lies
Hypocrite’s impasse

Collateral states
Perfection, imperfection
Duality crux

Mindful architect
Perfection as potential
Inner thoughts design

Self-observation challenge
Transcendent probing”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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