Cause and Effect

Life Force


“The taking of life generates an extraordinary level of chaos within the vibrant structure of Creation. Such violations to the Human Species and Nature are an insightful representation of the destructive forms of influence that we choose. Influence, from a spiritual perspective, is defined as continuously evolving conditions that sway Human thought, desires, and conduct. These influences will impact both Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature interactions, and affect the moment—to—moment evolutions of Creation.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. So beautifully expressed. I truly hope that the upset in our “weather” condition subsides as more people wake up and understand that we are the ones controlling it. Our hearts can calm the storm.


  2. Great depth, profound understanding Rob…the Human Species need to generate different kind of vibrations with a resonance that potentially will redirect the assumed course of evolution and bring back a healthy balance within the structure…
    Love the beautiful image…

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  3. some say don’t they, that the vibrations of the human species affect the earth and the weather, climate and so on. I do believe everything is vibrational and interconnected. By the way a lovely image here. Eve

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