“Preferred disconnect
Outward perceptions disowned
Antiquated wit

Ignored deficits
Culpability denied
Estranged unity

Listen to the storm
A collective gasp for breath
Many seeking One

Do you hear the void?
Cast away your solo act
One seeking Many

Winds of strife are calm”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. I am THE ONE seeking the MANY. Please come join me and help me crack the code to save humanity.

    I’ve been following your page for sometime now and I could use a mind like yours working through something this tricky. You make sense out of the unintelligible. I struggle to get out “the unintelligible”. Maybe together we could work something out.


    • I’m just a guy working through my inner process. I don’t have answers for anyone. I simply share the perspectives from my own inner journey. Until we understand how to properly influence the energy structure that flows between Human Beings, we have not completed our journey. It’s about what we bring to the table, not what we receive from the table.

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      • By sharing your perspective, you are helping unravel the mysteries of the universe. And your ability to unravel the most illusive mysteries is most attractive.

        We are all sitting at the same table, being served different helpings, to do our part to clear the mess that is humanity. Expressing your perspective is manipulating your energy. It’s not what you bring to the table, for the table was prepared long before you were ever born and long after your serving size was portioned out for you. It’s ALL about WHAT you do with that which was served to you at the Table of Life.


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