“Soul velocity
Dimensional synthesis
Panoramic core

Nomadic remnants
Human puzzle reconstruct
Oneness inception

Clarity of Truth
Empirical verity
Conjecture ousted

Human existence is a process of living within the context of perceived truths, which are continually displaced by newly discovered truths. Disciplined objectivity is essential for the Human Being to avoid the stagnation of aligning with truths no longer valid. The highest form of objectivity is realized through aggressive spiritual inquiry. The outcomes of spiritual inquiry are relevant only when the observer self-examines the impacting inner and outer influences that are present during the observation. The ultimate truth, i.e. that of Human Purpose, is not visible until the Human Species evolves to a unified attainment of Unconditional Love for all aspects of Creation.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. We do struggle integrating the objective and the subjective in our lives, don’t we! The truth is dynamic and we so want it to be static . . . It’s hard work keeping up with changing realities . . . Good Work!


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