Being Human



“Pursuing virtue
Rationalizing conduct
Conditioned thinking

Fearing solitude
Ill-advised conformity
Dwelling on selfness

Control misdirect
Unnecessary dramas
Unity abyss

Pronouncing judgments
Lofty excoriating
Mindfulness neglect

Discord overload
Inner peace inclinations
Nullifying fear

Consummate insights
Moment—to—moment rebirth
Radiance portal

Deciphering Life
Created Souls interact
Force capacity

Purpose of Being
Infinite shared energy
Delicate fusion

Light phenomena
Deep waters significance
Truth exegesis”

 “Life is a continuum of exchanging energy flows, between created entities, which possess varying degrees of force capacity. It is impossible for any created entity to exist without impacting all of Creation. The challenge for the Created Being is in determining the context of the imparted energy force. The capacity for choosing narrows the playing field relative to influence potential. The Human Species is distinct as the only created entity with the capability to choose particular influences. The quality of life in all aspects is constructed through the thoughts and actions of the Human Being.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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