“Calibrating bliss
Postulating happiness
Depicting success

Mass child starvation
Humanity afterthought
Need to save the dogs

Reality evasion
Exiguous worth

Cheap labor option
Child slavery trafficking
Supply the demand

Erratic impulse
Diuturnal pleasure hunt
Backlash disregard

Child sex predators
Stalking Human innocence
Pandemic disgrace

Ego discontent
Self-centeredness retrospect
New path genesis”

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© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. In my mind I understand this to mean if Humanity (as a whole singular being/existence) were to wed itself to Nature (as a whole singular being/existence) as an important, integral, intelligent yet equally different equal then all definitions, labels, and meanings that fall under their respective “realms of control” would fall into alignment almost immediately. Like the flip of a switch, darkness would turn to light and peace would reign supreme.


    • Nature and Humanity are already a completed “whole.” It is simply that most Human Beings are disconnected from that reality, severely inhibiting the potential force of the Human Species. Thank you for the discussion….

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      • I agree completely that Nature and Humanity are complete. My comment was merely to propose the possibility of a method for unilaterally uniting Humanity with those disconnected Human beings all at once with once single action.

        Thank you for opening my mind to a different line of thinking and one that presents so many wonderful opportunities for advancement of myself as a Human Being for the betterment of Humanity as a whole. It’s a pleasant brain and mind stretching yet synchronizing activity and I enjoy the oddly calming feeling I get from your post. Thank you for being so intelligent. I feel like I grow because you exist and share your wonderful presence and wisdom of mind.


        • Your point is correct….we cannot better anyone else before we better ourselves. The unevolved ego has no capacity for “fixing” anything. Individual spiritual force exists in a potential state until the individual begins to understand and pursue his or her own inner work.


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