“Inward encounters
Self-acceptance dialogs
Wrestling with shadows

Truth evasiveness
Undisclosed realities

Noumenal impasse
Cause and effect primacy
Unobscured warning”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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    • Maia C!! 😉 …..a very perceptive question…..

      As the individual transitions into a force of unconditional love, her or his influencing interactions occur directly within the sensations (energy flows) that operate all observed phenomena (cause and effect). In the absence of spiritual advancement (the degrees of capacity for unconditional love), the Human Being is only capable of laboring to influence the observed phenomena. The unevolved ego dominates this process.


      • That’s a sad place to be… unevolved…
        I used to be there – having expectations and lingering on disappointments. Sometimes they want to come back… but once we’ve opened up to unconditional love?? There realy is no more room for expectations and disappointments to enter. =)


        • It’s that “opened-up” thing where spiritual seekers find a bit of a challenge. To open-up means to desire the influence of unconditional love, but being open is not the same as becoming that force called unconditional love, i.e. having no other capacity to influence except as a force of unconditional love. Clearly, the desire (opening-up) for unconditional love precedes existing as the force. But the desire requires an action and this goes to our previous discussion about inner work. The intensity of the desire will determine the effort towards and depth of the inner work.

          Thank you, Maia…. 😉


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