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Nine years out….

I recently had my annual cancer physical. A reblog seems to be in order 😉

The Irreducible Primary

Temagami Wilderness, Canada Temagami Wilderness, Canada

I was archiving some older photography and happened across this moment with Canadian canoeing master and wilderness activist, Les Wilcox. I was just six weeks out from the second of two very intense battles with cancer. As quickly as the treatments ended, I was back in the gym trying to rebuild my body for this eight day canoe trek in the Temagami Wilderness. I had lost 47 pounds and most of my muscle structure during the battle. There was an additional challenge in that the nerves from my brain to the right shoulder were surgically removed. So, with no signals from the brain I had lost use of the shoulder. I always nod my head to the doctors (Yeah, really? No shoulder?) when they give this type of prognosis and then I proceed with my own plan. Of course, I did not get all my weight and…

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  1. Hi: I have been doing research. Well, I’ve been doing it forever but that’s besides the point. I realize that we have to get rid of fear and ego and become love. I realize that it’s all about entropy and we need to lower our entropy to reach that point. We are consciousness and nothing else. This is a virtual reality game and our bodies are simply the avatars we are using to evolve by playing this game. Our consciousness is not attached to the body. Life is data, pure and simple. It’s about information. We play within the parameters of the game but the end result is love, as you said. There are a million things to say but I just wanted you to know this is how I see it. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with what you were trying to say but I realize, or feel, that love is the bottom line. Have a great weekend:)

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