“Fictive roads narrow
For harvesting contentment
Relentless searching

Assumed privilege
A spiritual nodus

Prime disclosures of
Consequential axioms
Duality law

Happiness for one
Diminished capacity
Of scant perspective

Happiness for all
An expressed force of Nature
Oneness realized”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Fictional roads…
    There are a lot of these, Rob.

    On a side note… I tried using my Mac to read your post. I couldn’t read the lines – black fonts on black background. I usually use my phone so I only realized now.


  2. ‘ . . . life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’: would that America had a vision for the happiness for all instead of simply the individual. You are right when you say the pursuit of ‘my’ happiness is a fool’s errand resulting in a ‘Diminished capacity / Of scant perspective’ . . . Well done!


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