“Evidential search
Validation of self-worth
Clashing with conflicts

Energies ignored
Spiritual poverty
Love force delusion

Striving alone through
The inner journey mission
In secret silence

Circumspect wisdom
The enlightened make no claim
Of ascendancy”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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    • Very true, Maia. Those of true attainment speak little of their journey, for specific reasons. The pretenders speak much about nothing and position themselves to teach much about nothing. Thank you, Maia…. 😉


  1. The progress made by a ship at sea is not measurable to the untrained eye: one feels as though he is standing still amid the crashing swells until finally the destination appears as a shadow on the horizon: we live our lives one knot at a time and trust the 18 knots the captain reports to us in the daily briefing . . .

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