“Liminal spaces
A Consciousness mosaic
Of distant futures

Ancient doors summon
Escape from the abstractions
Of passé dicta

Visions of genius
Imagined coexistence
Of creative minds

Enter the One Thought
Negating separateness
Soul inheritance

Peace hypothesis
Overwhelming evidence
The province of Love”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. intriguing riff off the notion of passing through the liminal space. love the rhythm and cadence, along with the awesome photograph. much density here to unravel, (re)ravel. the “negation of the separateness” — which is trick of the consciousness upon itself — through consciousness. wonderful.

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    • It is similar to the space of time (and all of the sensations) between a child leaving the womb and the first gasp for breath. The only possible outcomes are to live or not. In the spiritual context, we experience this threshold (and all of the sensations) in every moment. We pursue our spiritual potential or not. Lots of pull-ups required in that space. 😉

      Thank you, Maia… 😉


      • This came at a perfect time yesterday when I practiced Yin after my Ashtanga. As much as folks may see Yin as easier, in reality, when you fully commit yourself to it, Yin is as difficult as Ashtanga.

        Are you able to hold the pose until you are told to move? Finding gravity sink you in deeper into the pose. This is where the sensations begin to swirl. And for a brief moment, your initial reaction is to adjust yourself. But yoga teaches us to think contemplatively and not reactively. It’s that in-between, however brief, where one can actually transform, or not.

        Too bad there weren’t any pull ups on both classes. 😉
        I could have actually written about this! Lol

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