Full Circle


“Methodic cycles
Shedding collected burdens
Unsought nakedness

Inner growth foreplay
Descending to discover
Life in full circle

Higher Self prevails
Against the confluence of
Long-suffered adversity

Energy spectrum
Of Deepest Soul consciousness
Existence redefined”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. G’morning, Rob. Love this one! Read also the “More Discussion”, which made me wonder about the education systems around the world. I agree with you that: “the Human Being exists with a unique purpose that requires a conscious choice and desire to accomplish that purpose”. Most schools, at least in the West, provide an education that encourages young people to be individualistic and competitive. There are some schools, but they are few, that teach young people in a different way e.g. the Steiner Schools. It seems to me, schools set many young people off on the “wrong” track in their lives, after which it is left to them to have their own existential wake up calls. Joyful greetings, Sam 🙂

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    • Hi, Sam….thank you 😉

      The education systems throughout the world are severely challenged. The issues are diverse and include: curriculums that are inadequate, teacher qualifications, governments and religious influencing school system to promote controlling agendas. I raised my son by myself, and currently raising my daughter in a joint custody environment. A parent must be closely aligned with the education process to maximize the benefits to the child. Having said all that, I would struggle mightily to view Steiner education (in general) or Rudolf Steiner (in particular), as a viable alternative to current education deficiencies.

      Enjoy you day, Sam 😉

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      • Hiya Rob, congrats on your approach to parenthood! One of the reasons I decided never to have children was because I couldn’t see any education system that I thought was adequate for my kids. I didn’t want them to be inculcated into the mainstream viewpoint and I couldn’t find any “viable alternatives”. I don’t know enough about Steiner education to give a definitive viewpoint on it. Some of my friends’ kids have attended Steiner schools and they told me there was a lot more emphasis on the individual child, less competition and more focus on the child in relation to its surrounding environment, which sounded to me like a better system. What are your hesitations? Also, regarding Rudolf Steiner, I don’t know a great deal about him. I read a couple of his books some time back and we have the Goetheanum near Basel. I know that his work has led to things like biodynamic agriculture, curative eurhythmics and a whole system of naturopathy. The latter I experienced for an illness I had recently and it helped me tremendously. Again, I’m curious, what’s your hesitation with Steiner? Have a fab day! Sam 🙂

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        • Hi, Sam….

          I came across Steiner while considering options for my son during his early school years. I read two of Steiner’s works, “The Foundations of Human Experience” and “Human Values in Education.” While there is a perception that the individuality of a child is considered, Steiner takes the exact opposite approach during the early formative years of children. Those children with advanced cognitive, reading, or math skills are discouraged from exploring those strengths. Instead, all children in the process must learn the same way. In that system, my 9-year-old daughter, who has high math, art, and reading skills would have been held back from further development. When parents engage their children in these so-called “alternative” education systems, I am not clear as to how much the parents actually research the founding principles.

          Steiner wasted no effort in portraying himself as spiritually advanced. Yet, to read his work and analyze his public speaking on spirituality there are a couple of glaring conclusions that I reached. (1) Steiner was not (by any definition) spiritually advanced and (2) many of the concepts he attempted to claim as spiritual fall somewhere between fantasy and delusional.

          Finally, Steiner was a racist, and he applied racist principles to his spiritual “teaching.” It’s been many years since I researched Steiner and the internet was just becoming a viable information source. While writing this response, I went digging around and found a couple of links. While many defenders of the Steiner, or Waldorf, or Anthroposophic system try to spin around the racist issue, it is what it is. Many of his statements are simply not defensible neither from a humanity or spiritual context.



          Of course, people have to work from their perspectives to accept or reject positions or theories that we ceaselessly encounter in life.

          Enjoy your weekend, Sam 😉

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  2. Powerful, primal and real! One stanza leads to the next, to the next, to the next, and cycles around to a new level of understanding of the first… A spiral progression, literally poetry in motion! I am mesmerised, each reading taking me slightly higher, and redefining the previous one…

    Just wow!

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