“Impulsive motion
Scattered sensitivities
Of vast dimensions

Shadowed loneliness
Between dispassionate Souls
Fear of nothingness

Altered behaviors
Human desideratum
Quantum relative

Inner Force structure
Reversal of gravity
Unraveled precepts”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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    • The first thought I had regarding your question is the Zen Buddhist expression of “kensho”. This refers to the “deep waters” enlightenment for which words cannot be adequate. Thank you, Maia 😉


  1. Wow! From beginning to end, and back to the beginning again, an endless loop… no spiral… each word significant and meaningful in itself, each line a message worth mulling over…

    I suspect my mind will be lingering here awhile; I hope you won’t mind? Is it ok if I bring coffee in here? 🙂

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