“What is emptiness?
Conceptual misnomer
Emptiness is full

Emergent tempest
Foreseeable distortions
Of causality

Freedom illusion
Misconstrued outcomes from
Accepting as is

Wisdom is derived
From clarity of vision
Chaos neutralized

Life transformation
Resolved duality of
Faultless consequence

Perfection impulse
The struggle for relevance
Charting the vastness”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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Depth Perception

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  1. Excellent. I could feel the rhythm in this poem. “Emptiness is full” I never thought of it like this and that it is great writing to reveal something in a different light than it is normally perceived. Thank you for sharing your gift with words and thoughts. I will definitely be reading more of your work. — Lindsey V.

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  2. Love this! Every stanza captures the essence of my struggles and my victories in life. “Resolved duality of faultless consequence.” Powerful! But the last stanza speaks directly to my soul…

    Well done, sir, well done!

    Are the owls a photo or a painting? I’m completely mesmerized and drawn in by their eyes! The play of light and shadow is perfect for this poem… So beautiful!

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