“No longer hidden
Behind execrated shadows
Poverty’s children

Politicians vent
For power and a pittance
Of ignoble fame

Fifty million scrounge
Scarce meals that ballot casting
Never once improved

Lost integrity
Campaign oaths dealt away in
Venal power plays

First hundred days this
Year yields three thousand bullets
Death emissaries

Confound the masses
Engendering emotions to
Leverage as votes

Three hundred million
Own guns protecting themselves
Against each other

Dangerous collapse
Orchestrated dysphoria
Divide to conquer

The daily quota
Five children dead from abuse
Insolent topic

Candidate credo
Wordsmithing legerdemain
Flagrant sophistry”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Hi Rob, your poem is a sad but true depiction of the social and political reality in most countries – in some more so than others. In fact, are there any countries in which “Confound the masses engendering emotions to leverage as votes” and “children dead from abuse” doesn’t happen? Sam 😉 (I gave you a 😉 not a 🙂 today given the seriousness of the topic…)

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    • Hi Sam,

      It would seem there are some countries where these occurrences may be less than others. The Scandanavian countries seem to garner positive statistics, but there is contradictory data. That is the case for much of the world….the observer(s) and the interpretation of the observed. The enormity of trying to grasp the depth of the issues is illustrated in two of many sources I have reviewed over the last couple years:


      Those are just a small sampling of information on child abuse that open a Pandora’s Box pointing to the hundreds of forms of child abuse.

      Enjoy the week, Sam 😉

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    • America is by no means the worst rated country according to available world statistics, particularly in relation to the aspects I discuss in the poem. I do not mention a particular country although there is a clear reference to the U.S. presidential primaries. I am an eight-year Marine Corps veteran and also had a fourteen-year law enforcement career. My extensive travels throughout the world have shown me how so many countries share similar difficulties in evolving to a more unified and harmonious existence. As a global society, we are only too willing to allow a microscopic fraction of the world population to do our thinking for us.

      Thank you for the discussion, Peter….. 😉


      • You have a very interesting background for one who in his verse sounds like a died`in`the`wool humanist . . . I was born & raised abroad [Japan] so see America through the eyes of an immigrant. We throw more food away in a day than the rest of the world gets to eat! Something is inherently wrong with that. The corporations have every aisle in every supermarket in the country stuffed with more ‘options’ for every product anyone could imagine and in their advertisements leverage us to fill up our carts because we ‘deserve the best’ . . . You are right when you say Americans are content to let others make our choices for us. We cannot be bothered because we’re ‘filling our baskets’ with things we do not need . . .

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        • Our backgrounds and experiences provide opportunities to make choices. The choices in each moment far outweigh the conditions of the previous moments or even the years past. The influences of my life journey have been secondary to my spiritual development. These are parallel movements that are dependent on each other.The depth of life intensity will determine the strength of our spiritual commitment or we will succumb to the adversities and abandon spirituality altogether.

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