Disunited We
Our compassion is fading
Through deepening wounds

Obdurate egos
Inflicting violence with
Cold indifference

Anemic wisdoms
Self-serving preferences
For confrontation

Segregating souls
Drawing racial lines across
Treacherous quicksand

A black hole waiting
To consume what remains of
Our Humanity

Overt designs of
An absurd reality
Long in the making

We had entrusted
Ourselves to one another
A long time ago

An individual must conduct her or his own inner experiment, simultaneously fulfilling the roles of the observer and the observed. These inner examinations form the core structure of spiritual effort and thereby cultivate a profound understanding of self. The consequence of self-observation establishes the empirical basis for spiritual advancement. This is a transparent process through which it is impossible to lie about, attempt to deceive, or disguise the inner movement of emotions, thoughts, and desires; all of which influence the flow of energy that defines the inter-connectedness of Creation.

An individual or society cannot claim “love” for the Creating Force or God (or whatever name moves a person) unless the desire for Unconditional Love is existent and pursued in all Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature relationships. The root of all hypocrisy is to profess love for the Creating Force while simultaneously denying love for any other aspect of Creation.  Only a Human Being would try to justify such conduct.

The inner work is all that matters. The invested discipline in the work will determine the depth, intensity, and degrees of Unconditional Love that is present in every interaction of each moment. It is indefensible for a Human Being to expect conditions of Love and Peace without becoming a force of Love and Peace. The latter must precede the former.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. A heartbreaking truth . . . beautifully written. So many claim to love the Creator while despising the creation. A hard road to travel, and so few choose to wholeheartedly walk the walk they speak of. You, my friend, are full of wisdom and I love every word you write.

    You have a fantastic voice, and an eye for beauty. And I love the color photos in your latest posts 💜💛💚

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  2. Spot On, Rob! Both your poetry and your prose accurately identify our flaw & its fix . . . One greater than I put it this way: “If we say we love God but despise our neighbor, we lie and the truth is not in us.” You give this ‘the truth is not in us’ powerful form since it pictures not just a concept but the quality of the lives we live . . . Bravo!

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  3. Dear Rob. I must confess I ‘like’ your work on Facebook for the most part (I dislike Facebook but I’m on there enough not to miss your posts and find it easier to find them than on here) so I read nearly everything you post on this WP site. I rarely comment, but I wanted you to know part of the reason for that is because you’re just too good. I can’t comment because you’ve blown me away, time and again. If I stopped and thought about it I would stop writing because yes, you’re that good. I know you will poo poo that and say oh you can’t see it that way, and truly I don’t but at the same time it was my way of explaining or trying to express something I cannot really express which is a huge admiration for your work. This particular piece really affected me, I cannot say how much I agree with everything here and the way you say it. If only if only if only the rest of the world were able to see things the way you do, well let’s just say, things would be vastly improved. You are a wise man, an inspiration is not doing you enough justice and you influence me enormously. Imagine. If you influence me that much how much your influence must go? I think a very, very long way. You are a beautiful mind, truly in all ways you are.

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    • Candice,

      I am immensely humbled by your words and thoughts. And don’t you ever stop writing. That would be a true waste of talent. It’s better that we both continue to weave our words into a lasting communication and mutual respect for each others work. Thank you, Candice…. 😉 ❤

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      • Rob, you are so welcome. It is truth incarnate to say you are more deserving of appreciation than anyone else on WP I can think of. Of course it’s not a competition but I really, really, really (you think?) love your work and writing and you have SUCH a gift. Thank you for that. A gift is truly a blessing. You are a blessing.

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