Relentless intent
In pursuit of Consciousness
And Soul vibrancy

Depth of Truth treasure
Encountered Self-reflections
Inner expanse prime

Love superimposed
Over antithetic codes
Of Human conduct

Collateral Pain
Of paradigm transition
To vast Gratitude

Aligning rhythms
With the Causal Energy
Origin of Life

Human Beings cannot afford to alienate from each other. In the span of every moment, seven billion Human—to—Human or Human—to—Nature interactions occur in the form of thought, desire, or physical activity. The Human Species will influence Creation through one of two directions: (1) We oppose each other and Nature, and continue to contribute to and intensify the chaos within Creation or (2) We unify as the force that will restore the balance within Creation. No other alternative exists. Every Human Being must develop a precise awareness of how she or he is influencing the energetics that compels the Human Species.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. I agree with our post, Rob… this is my first visit to your blog and I am excited to read more! I believe in the movement I feel all around me, a movement that appears to be a grassroots movement among peopel of all nations, and cultures, all peoples all over the world… a movement towards goodness to each other and to our planet, while it is not perfect and not everyone will particpate, I feel as do many others that we are finally awakening to our true destiny as a species. I am very hopeful for out future… and our planet’s future, only we can change it, God didn’t make this mess, we did and it is up to us to fix it, now. Thank you for your posts… I look forward to more. Michelle

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    • Rob,

      Sorry brother the original of your words speak to the primordial origin but the explanation words spoke to the heart that MAY OR MAY NOT UNDERSTAND. Brother please call me, a lot has and is happening.

      Yukon Chief Ed

      Couldn’t figure out how to get my words to the top of this blog – so if any of you are moved by my words – help me and step up. lets then see what comes around in ways that most have no comprehension of the possibilities – if you become disciplined to do the moment to moment work as my brother could/might/hopefully teach you.

      Common bro



  2. I absolutely agree with you, Rob. Every give has a take, each action a reaction as intelligent beings we need to think before we speak, respect each other and our natural surroundings. We must consider the consequences before we act. I love your poem. You have a talent for drawing in your reader and not disappointing them. There is not one part I love, more than another. The entire piece is beautiful. Thank you for sharing some much needed wisdom and beauty.

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  3. While I agree with your passionate appeal I’m afraid I have lived too long to believe that a cultural consensus can be reached where 51% of us might unite as a force around any issue, much less that of reversing 200 years of the abuse of nature and commit ourselves to the healing the environment. Just as there are ‘racial bias’ deniers among us, so there are those who continue to blindly deny what we have done and continue to do this planet if it can generate a ‘buck’ . . . I don’t envy the task we have left our children and our grand children . . . May God have mercy on our souls!

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    • We always have to consider the implications of our thoughts and perceptions, Peter. Our capacity and potential for change is immeasurable. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your points are valid and reflect the concerns of so many on this Earth.

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