Human axiom
Ascendancy measured by
The Light of the Child

Future Consciousness
Carelessly desensitized
By sanctimony

Generations of
Imparted sabotage and
Failed accountability

Forsaking the youth
Callously watching while they
Scavenge crumbs of Love

Adult worthiness
Cultivating younger Souls
Nurtured luminance

Yield to the honor of
Spiritual mastery
Conclusive value

The most precise reflection of the Human Species is the emotional and physical health of children. When adults are confronted with children of suffering, the adults are observing a reflection of themselves, of the Human Species—acknowledged or not. All Human adversity, especially that experienced by children, is the product of Human—to—Human interactions. Adults instigate the inflicted suffering upon children through religious convictions, the conducts of war, predatory gratification (sexual and psychological), and the refusal to transcend the egoistic Human—to—Human madness that dominates the global society. Adults do not comprehend children as spiritual beings, but more as extensions of themselves (called family), or property, or interference to a preferred lifestyle. Adults do not perceive that small bundle of spiritual energy that needs the guidance of the spiritually capable adult to blossom into a force of love.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Great poem and excellent summary of humans downfall in the ‘footnote’.
    Turning it reductionist, bad parents the world over are responsible for the vast amount of ills we see in society in numerous ways. And you are about the only person I have read stating something akin to that.

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