Cause and Effect



Human souls evolve
From lesser latitudes of
Conclusive prologues

Later entranced with
Inconsequential crusades
To rewrite the past

While plummeting through
The amassed chronicles of
Causal ignorance

Where the fears and doubt
Erect synthetic detours
That shroud higher paths

Wisdom drifts to those
Who penetrate the bliss of
Mindful solitude

Detaching from aged
Dramas and thriving to dance
Beyond the shadows

Akin to autumn
Leaves that are freed to nourish
the holistic Earth

Spiritual effort, or the active form of spirituality, is the resolute expression of examining individual inner influences that transpire within the moment. This “expression” transcends its predecessor, which is the intent to do so. An intention without expression is the passive form of spiritual conduct. The objective of engaging the contemplation of inner influences is to measure self-conduct in the moment. Spiritual effort should not be directed towards future or past circumstances. The future is determined by the cause and effect dynamics of each moment. As such, the future can be reconstructed from one moment to the next. There is no “after the fact” spiritual (cause and effect) diligence that can alter the past.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Rob I love your photograph, just a wonderful scene that took me right into the heart of Autumn. Combined with your words, a sense renewed spirit – remembering to be here today, in the now, we don’t know what tomorrow holds but we do know what yesterday was. One of the hardest lessons is to learn from the past – it is with much hope that I’m evolving and growing. Thank you for this beautiful post.

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  2. It is so true, I have somehow learned to appreciate the “moment” and the “now”for what they are. Life sometimes makes you stop and detach yourself from it all to reevaluate everything and all of it. Your poem depicts perfectly and beautifully the steps of that evolving progress. As you said “future can be reconstructed from one moment to the next”.
    This post spoke to my soul Rob and gave me hope for that future one moment at the time…thank you

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