Our Humanness constricts
When confronted with priorities
Of material success

Every conquest is a
Repeated cycle of evanescent
Happiness soon to perish

As does the hope of Peace
For the defrauded masses
After victories in war

We choose a finite
Consciousness and condemn
Ourselves to pathologic dullness

Humanity remains a
Bewildered Whole whilst
Love quivers in dormancy

Since 2100 BCE, approximately 762 peace, sovereignty, and regional treaties were enacted globally. Despite 4,000 years of treaties we continue to kill each other and do so in horrific numbers. Humanity has never been more separated and conflicted than now.

Spirituality is not a circumstance of attainment or some mystical level of existence. Spirituality is the applied effort that evolves the Human Being from the potential state to the expressed state, or force of energy. For this discussion, “force of energy” is the actualized influence that an individual contributes to the Cosmos. These influences constitute the only valid reality and exist, in degrees of intensity, as chaos or Love. There are no neutral influences.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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