The Aspirant


I am illuded by
Discrepant renderings
Of rational conducts

Resistance to my
Primal senses tempt
The boundaries of wastelands

Where autochthonous
Vibrations are concealed and
I risk forfeit of my Soul

But, I am the aspirant
Tenacity nullifies my fears
Stalking from the dark of Light

Inner passages intersect
At the genesis of knowledge
Contained in a moment

Exposing the contradictory
Renditions of spurious myths
That no longer restrict me

By default, spirituality and time are mutually incompatible. A moment is an indefinable, immeasurable span of existence embracing interactions which Human Beings are compelled to observe, evaluate, and contemplate. In the spiritual environment, time has no context. Life is the perpetual flow of cause and effect interactions that characterize the impacting force of the Human Species, which is the consequence of personal spiritual effort.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011 

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  1. “In the spiritual environment, time has no context”. This quote, as the rest of your entry–and indeed several other posts I have just read after discovering your blog (thank you for following me)–is very touching, meaningful, and illuminating to me. Thank you.

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  2. Ah the truest gift if ever there was one, to be the eternal aspirant.. for there is no end to the learning of love, the power sustaining all.. rationalism is fear cloaked..stifling love and growth..
    Excellent write! Very much enjoyed.


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