A Vague Life


Of what do I seek?
My inward dweller is
Under siege by

Imprudent hypotheses
Designed to invalidate
My immortality and

Cage my consciousness
With contrived introspects
To disparage dignity

Until I renounce the
Inner Sanctity which
Counsels me, but

I take no comfort
Fringing the edges
Of a vague life

Inner work is an immensely personal environment of self-confrontation. Inner work is the realm where the individual cannot self-deceive regarding the forms of energy she or he channels into Creation. While an individual may advocate (through words or physical action), love, peace, and harmony, her or his inner thoughts and emotions can be quite the opposite. A reality check is necessary as these conflicting dynamics generate undesirable cause and effect realities.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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