Light beams race
To hold a parsec lead
Over cosmic inflation

But lag at a distance
Behind the velocity
Of my thoughts

Which traverse beyond
Calculated amplitudes
In less than a heartbeat

I will outrun the
Darkness of ambivalence
And ingratitude

Aligning with supernal
Winds whilst I soar
Above irrelevance

To discover the
Caverns of my selfness
I will learn of Love

The significance and relevance of a Human Being are constructed by her or his spiritual evolution. Human Beings are significant because each is an equal and vital force that completes the potential capacity of the whole. The relevance of a Human Being is established through the moment—to—moment influences that touch all aspects of Creation.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Rob,
    This poem has challenged me to think more deeply about the nature of thought as an energy. Is there a density that varies along with the nature of the desire with which the thought is imbued? Where as negative thoughts sink into the fields of our earthly space-time existence causing chaos, thoughts generated out of authentic love transcend and penetrate all things with their immateriality. Wonderful linguistic imagery paired with the perfect photo. I will contemplate this poem.

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    • Thank you for your comments and discussion, Gianna. The determinative emotion(s) that compose the thought (hate, anger, compassion, gratitude) are forms of massless energy. Necessarily then, the force of thought is a special energy absent the wave-particle duality of light. The force of thought energy is not subject to the restrictions imposed by relativity rules, i.e., nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. The rules of distance also do not apply to thought energy. While the intensity and usability of light will fade over distance, this is not the case with the force of thought energy. The reason for this is that the force of thought energy is specific to the laws of cause and effect. Observed influences through the five senses (cause) generate the determinative emotions (effect). The determinative emotions (now the cause) construct the form of the thought (effect). The thought is the release of energy (cause) into the “fiber optic” network that connects Human Beings with each other and with Nature. From this point forward is a vast scenario of potential cause and effect interplays that we observe as “life.” So, to clarify, the process of observed influence-generated emotion-composed thought is instantaneous and complete. So too, is the impacting influence that shapes Human-to-Human and Human-to-Nature relationships. That is the essence of the qualitative engagement of mindfulness practice. Without embracing this understanding, mindfulness is merely an exercise in vanity. We cannot take back the causes and effects we instigate. We can only learn how to instigate the cause and effect impacts based on the force of Unconditional Love. That is an entirely different discussion.

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