A Gate

I set eyes on a gate
Haunting my inner
Quests for insight

Fading in and out as
A susurrous reminder
of abstained opportunity

An opaque pastiche
That taunts with inferred
Intrigues prodding me

To step through
And enter spaces of
Clandestine rendezvous

Certain to pit me
Against myself in a
Struggle to merit

Right of way into
Epiphanic drifts of
Higher Love statutes

According to the discipline and intensity of individual spiritual effort, the Human Being experiences evolving degrees of conscious existence within the energy flows that connect all aspects of Creation. Previously inhibited sensations manifest within her or him, expanding in parallel with the intensifying awareness of the singular reality called the Human Species; and an intimate relationship Human Beings should have with Nature. The foregoing exposits the cognitive operation that cultivates the desire for a Human Being to function as a force of love.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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