I am silent on this
Journey, but my Spirit
Shall not be seized

By those with
Prosaic postulates
And intent to rend

My Soul asunder
Though I reject the
Intimidations of their

Tenebrous prison
Sketched with reins
And bit to bridle

My inner sanctitude
As they cower behind fears
I abandoned long ago

I am my own
Cataclysm which postures
No threat to them

Save for the touches
Of Love that will plunge
Their superficial walls

When an individual accepts responsibility for how he or she influences, there is a parallel recognition that distinct moment—to—moment inner activities are required of the Human Being to formulate positive influences. The force of those influences is expressed as thoughts and the physical manifestations of the thoughts. The influencing impact of Human Beings, on each other and Nature, is grown by the commitment of every individual to expand her or his inner dimensions.

Acceptance is conceding that the repair of Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature relationships begins with the self, and not by attempting to fix anyone or anything perceived as outside the self.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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    • Your observation is very interesting, Carlos. When I was in high school I had an English Lit. teacher who many considered a “different thinker.” I had written a mid-term assignment in her class. After reading and grading it, she loaned me two books by JK, who she had learned about during a period of travelling the world. My thought process, from that time into adulthood, was very impacted by the writings of Krishnamurti. Thanks for sharing.

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      • I am a huge fan of JK. Fascinating set of discussions up at the JK foundation site of JK with quantum physicist David Bohm. These essentially constitute the sum of my views regarding reality and actuality. Take care.

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  1. Dear Rob,

    Yes it is up to us – we should not have a lazy wait and see attitude but start to take responsiblility. As also Gandhi said: “You want to change the world, start changing yourself first…” or as Sant Kirpal Singh said: “Reformers are needed, those who reform themselves…” With the thought that we all are sitting in the same boat, oneness and unity may arise from it as well as compassion to be of help for our fellow human beings. Once a holiy person said: “The deepest knowledge lies in the service to man…” so our ego becomes less centered with a selfless service ( without being proud of it…) to man and mankind .

    Thanks for sharing, dear Rob 🙂
    Have a nice time

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