I pursue freedom
But it remains just out
Of range and

It’s never quite
Apparent that I’m chasing
A nebulous chimera

Invented through reckless
Acceptance of implored
Wants I must satisfy

Or unwisely garner
Foolish defeats I’ve been
programmed to believe

Are the weight of
My worth to tolerably
Fit the social model

Better I tread the
Waters solo and expunge
All boundaries

Joining along the
Way with like Souls
And their comfort

We must recognize that the perceived “rules” we hold to be Truth—political, religious, scientific, social, etc., are merely inhibitions to a greater reality. Each degree of spiritual evolution reveals the potential for altering the perceived “rules” and provides an opportunity to engage the levels of absolute Truth that formulate the governance of Creation.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor

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  1. Perceived rules are merely inhibitions to greater reality. ..such a profound truth and very well put. When examined deeply these inhibitions are also the part of greater reality and so is the perceiver which perceives. It is just one seamless dance of interchanging perceiver and perceived.

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  2. All the rules are there just for the purpose of house`keeping. What do I have in my heart? That’s what really matters. If grace is at my center then gracious my life will be; if fear then mine will be a frightening life . . .

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    • The “rules” are not keeping the house intact. That condition is the effect of hypocrisy regarding how the contrived rules are applied. When we replace the word “heart,’ with the word “Soul,” we gain a better perspective. The Soul will teach us when we abandon the constraining influences we’ve been living under. Fear is not reality. Fear is the absence of reality and the chaos that is created therefrom.

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