I deliberate fears
That are ceded rule
Over sensibilities

Though we try to
Hide it with our
Cunning feints to

Fend divulgence of
Appetencies that thrust
Our frenzy for

Owning spots in
A hereafter paradise
When so much

Before us sprawls
In ruin due to
Lapsed reverence

For life granted
And the children in
Our charge who

We only had to
Love Unconditionally
To grow them

So little do we
Know of paradise and
Higher places

True spiritual attainment is not constrained by fear of, or a desire for, particular “after death” conditions. Life is an adventure of dimensional journeys and death is not a factor. Spiritual effort, the process of direct alignment with the Creating Force, recognizes that the individual is a component of the completed whole: the Human Species. The spiritual path is not engaged for the benefit of self. The aim of spirituality is to unify the Human Species as the source of Unconditional Love that will influence all of Creation.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor

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    • We don’t realize anything collectively until we perceive the issues individually. “Help” means we engage our inner structure and learn from the Soul. If we’re looking to improve something outside our own inner structure, we may as well be swatting flies with a piece of thread. Abandonment occurs when people do not accept responsibility for the immense individual effort required to expand spiritually. The basis of collective spiritual advancement is the discipline applied to individual effort. Collective spiritual growth is preceded by individual evolution, and not vice versa. Or, we can try the easy way out and join a religion…..which has created nothing but turmoil and fragmentation over the course of Human history.

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      • Top-down/bottom-up, either way one looks at the structure of the movement, whatever dynamic that occurs at any level of the cosmos, would affect the entire fabric, if we all are One, that is. Can we even have spiritual gurus if we have figureheads doing violence to the family institution, enlightenment on earth if the simple among us are displaced from our own humble plots on it? Maybe it has to do with critical mass, but I intuitively doubt it. I think if there are enlightened beings among us, they would admit their lowliness and be last to go through the gauntlet, as a shepherd guides his flock, assuring their care first.


          • You are probably right, but it is difficult to be so single-mindedly focused on God while part of us is raped, used, abused, and forgotten, all for worldly gain. But I don’t think the individual/collective question is futile. Regardless of whatever culture we live in, it’s a question most of us will face at some point. Thanks, Rob.


            • Having spent 8 years in the Marine Corps, and a 14 year law enforcement veteran, I’ve pretty much seen the worst that Human Beings can inflict upon each other. However you define “God” is your realm to work with. The salient point does not change. If the individual evolves to the point of becoming a force of unconditional love, then one part of the Human Species has also acquired that force. The ripples in the pond become the hurricane of spiritual evolution.

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