Month: April 2017

Casual Observer

Inner storms pummel Me with perplexing Interrogations that touch My insignificance Not too dissimilar from Nondescript pebbles On the shore of Memories which know Not birth nor death But restless tides Shift […]


Emptiness perplexes With each inhalation as I decay from want Of freedom never Realized though my Devotion by distorted Covenant scarcely Strayed except in visions When I took flight Amid metaphors Chronicling […]


Immediate moments Are blurred and abandon Every certainty while My consciousness is Occupied by past and future Compulsions stubbornly Taunting with hindrances To eclipse precision optics Which could flawlessly Navigate me along […]


What do we claim To understand of years Long past and changes Promised for our Children never delivered Or at least we have No proof to offer When they question why We […]

En Pointe

I lose perspective in Deep Waters reflection Unsure if I’m breathing In or out as cryptic Energies immerse my Sensitivities with High dynamic range Images of people trapped By isochronal behaviors Which […]


Be Yourself Unapologeticlly

Sand Salt Moon

Sand and salt under my feet, moon over my head. I am an artist living in Florida. Works available at

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