What do we claim
To understand of years
Long past and changes

Promised for our
Children never delivered
Or at least we have

No proof to offer
When they question why
We hate ourselves

As though such
Conduct was a natural
State of being Human

We bungle words
In failing to explain our
Lost connection

The child is far more
Clever and knows
Where Love hides

The Human Species is a system of individual connections, characterized by the continual movement of energy, which channels the forms of influence from and to all Human Beings and performs a rippling effect throughout the Cosmos.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor

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  1. This poem touches my heart and one of the crushing truths of our age. We pass on to our children all of the issues that we are unable or unwilling to examine about ourselves, even if that is not our intention. Authentic, spiritually-based self-love is the basis for all love, and it is grown or hindered in our earliest relationships. Yet it can be healed and grown at any age with inner work and healthy relationship. There is hope for our future. Thank you for your evocative and truthful verse.

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