Human obsession for
Mundane relevance falls
Short on satisfaction

Much akin to drug
Addicts fatally chasing
The first euphoria

As their primal
Purpose grotesquely tumbles
To insouciance and

No chance at immortality
Which presumptively
Mattered while still in

Possession of the
Innocence bartered
Away for coruscating

Promises of ecstasy
Never possible through

To each, I ought
Give a secret flower and
It will grow them

Out of emptiness
Where Higher Light
Ignites the Soul

It is all too common that individuals become frustrated while striving to learn about and live a spiritual life. Most of the disappointment is incidental to false or misperceived concepts of spirituality.  Entry into the dimensions of spiritual sensations is conditional to the mastery of the moment. Spirituality is not a spectator attraction.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor

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  1. Dear Rob,

    I agree with you that spirituality is not a matter of spectator attraction, it is a merging of the Drop of the Ocean with the Ocean, an inner process, inner connection – one with all (Self), a realization of the Higher Self in us. Spirituality cannot be bought, nor it can be grasped from books – it is like an infecting disease – when we have receptivity then we will be infected… and the inner journey starts…

    All good wishes on your path

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