Rising Suns

Many years live
Within me and I oft
Consider wisdoms

Gathered then lost
Over thirty thousand rising
Suns though none

Hailed the dawn of
Peace for concerns of such
Are long removed or

Perhaps obscured
By the haze of living in
Manufactured turbulence

Exposing misguided
Impassivity born of
Uninterrupted delusions

Inferring hatred and
Savagery are acceptable
Norms for coexistence

But those who ascend
Ten Mountains are entrusted
With alternative visions

Two aspects of Peace are latent within Creation, but both are irrevocably intertwined. The first is Peace within Nature which is active only in the absence of the Human Species, or when the force of Unconditional Love is attained by the Human Species. The second is particular to the Human Species, i.e. applicable to the disposition of Human—to—Human interactions.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor

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  1. Rob. Your words are like ink running between my fingers, they always leave behind so much. I love that. You are unique in your ability to do this as a writer and thinker. I cherish knowing you for this and many other reasons my talented and good friend.

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