Mundane postulates
Negate my inner nexus
And soon commence

Contentious passages
Spun in eternal epochs of
Clarity exacting tidal

Conflicts when confronted
By the effects of causes that
Spontaneously erupt

Into causes of effects
Saturated in magnitudes
Of artificial intents

And quandaries of
Thought which either
Hasten or sabotage

My courage for evolving
From merely Human to a
Measure of Humanity

The evolution of true spiritual advancement demands that an individual is willing to enter the deep waters of her or his own inner essence. This is not a task to be engaged at times when it is convenient or fashionable. A sincere commitment to spiritual effort is not some transcendental transformation into a “play nice” environment where an individual magically finds herself or himself in a state of mutual, loving kindness. The journey is complex, frustrating, and often seems as though no progress is forthcoming, or even possible.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor

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