Mandatory Redirect

“Potential states evolve A reality of truth The blurred silhouette Emerge from desires The self-centered pleasures Confines of ego Vision, perception A material trap Mountains between us The global stage, unrest Obsolescence, […]


“Constant motion flux Energy has no stillness To exist is to flow Sequential events No escape, causality Randomness is overstated Light speed butterfly effect Fiber optics intertwined Nerve center for Humanity Off […]

Chaos or Peace?

Cosmic ultimatum Rides the breeze Creating Force in effect Silent tempest simmers Quantum influences Govern the land Incessantly merging Liberate the powers Human Collective energy streams unseen Dimensional reconnect Best option Love […]


“convince the masses kill solution politics deception taking heads essential manna spiritual pollution math quiz heads equal Jannah? an eye for what? fool’s trade moral ineptitude revenge crusade children learn guns just […]


“Self-love Metaphorical misdirect Thinly veiled disconnect The rabbit hole Best left To the sapient soul Ocean waves dance Currents of expression Wholeness One body Self-love transcended Humanity ascended Wholeness One body” The […]


“Seeking truth No parameters Always evolving Epistemological existence Journey through dimensions Truth is Being Pursuing spirituality Worship? Of what? Or whom? Mind plays to ego Observe outside self Scrutiny of others Criticisms […]


Words and Photographs

Mystic Land

Let's mend the broken

Oblivious Life

Searching for Motivation

Manić Teodora

Jer ono u šta ljudi poveruju, to će vremenom i postati.❤ Because in what people belive, that's who they will become as the time passes by. ❤


"I know we will all be stories someday..."