I pursue freedom But it remains just out Of range and It’s never quite Apparent that I’m chasing A nebulous chimera Invented through reckless Acceptance of implored Wants I must satisfy Or […]


I am silent on this Journey, but my Spirit Shall not be seized By those with Prosaic postulates And intent to rend My Soul asunder Though I reject the Intimidations of their […]

A Gate

I set eyes on a gate Haunting my inner Quests for insight Fading in and out as A susurrous reminder of abstained opportunity An opaque pastiche That taunts with inferred Intrigues prodding […]

The Illusory Mind

We candidly attribute Paucities to others Observed as opposite Our personal norms Of comfort zones staked As no trespassing turf We spare no rhetoric Or denunciation against Professed indecency But we’re lost […]


Light beams race To hold a parsec lead Over cosmic inflation But lag at a distance Behind the velocity Of my thoughts Which traverse beyond Calculated amplitudes In less than a heartbeat […]

A Vague Life

Of what do I seek? My inward dweller is Under siege by Imprudent hypotheses Designed to invalidate My immortality and Cage my consciousness With contrived introspects To disparage dignity Until I renounce […]


Ancient ways speak Of future times, never Closer than a moment Elusive as the Mirage which beckons Me with treasure But my idleness Hinders entry to The denary existence Now I take […]


Burdens of emptiness Prowl through lapses In my thoughts Momentary splits Which rip me from the Vastness I chase Confederates are few On this sojourn and I Hesitate with my trust But […]


Sycophant leaders promise Peace by dint of pretense A truth search impasse Huddled aides parlay Negotiating lives and turf In gain-loss bartering Political charades conjure Deniability, but trust Quiets to hopelessness Deceptions […]


Be Yourself Unapologeticlly

Sand Salt Moon

Sand and salt under my feet, moon over my head. I am an artist living in Florida. Works available at

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