“The choices of influence cause Human Beings to experience moment—to—moment fluctuations in perceptions of being in control and not having any control. We traverse through situations of feeling pleasure, or feeling displeasure. […]


“Without the engagement of self-examination, an individual has no capacity for improving her or his inner symmetry. If one has not, or will not embrace this process, it is impossible to address […]


“Joining a religion, belief system, or self-proclaimed spiritual organization does not render one as spiritually advanced or even competent. This is simply an act of perpetuating the disconnection within Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature […]


“Forms of influence, the disorder or balance projected into Creation, originate at the level of the Human Being. The connecting “fiber optic” gathers the different influences into the collective force of the […]

In the Image

“There is an elementary truth regarding the Human Species and the Creating Force. The entire structure, the immeasurable cosmos of the Creating Force and Creation dwells within the individual. The influencing properties […]


“Every individual must be prepared to meet herself or himself. The evolution of true spiritual advancement demands that an individual be willing to enter the deep waters of her or his own […]


Be Yourself Unapologeticlly

Sand Salt Moon

Sand and salt under my feet, moon over my head. I am an artist living in Florida. Works available at

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