We often forsake Encounters to overwhelm Separateness Compounding regrets For defining moments which Too often escape Gather the insights Nourish the tenacity Living as One Soul Strive for completeness Aim the inner […]


Life panorama Sidestep maneuvering to Escape suffering Finesse each moment And channel causality Occupy the Peace Mindful reflex to Hush the intrusions Of calamity Meditating the Sovereignty of sacred Human vigilance Human […]


Relentless intent In pursuit of Consciousness And Soul vibrancy Depth of Truth treasure Encountered Self-reflections Inner expanse prime Love superimposed Over antithetic codes Of Human conduct Collateral Pain Of paradigm transition To […]


Disunited We Our compassion is fading Through deepening wounds Obdurate egos Inflicting violence with Cold indifference Anemic wisdoms Self-serving preferences For confrontation Segregating souls Drawing racial lines across Treacherous quicksand A black […]

Broken Windows

“Childhood innocence Ravaged as a postscript to Human cruelty Immured by the Inveterate anger of Fraudulent adults Each splintered and lost As forever missing shards Of broken windows Honor the Children They […]


“Externality Notional impositions Of incongruence The Souls stand apart Estranged by indolence and Prosaic intents Self Truth circumspect Axiomatic refuge From disillusion Convene the beholds Inner Sanctum fluency Pure mind interludes” The […]


“Force of Light exploits Human Soul Energetics Fertile grounds prepared Would be spectators Preferential mindsets for Autonomous lives Exiling themselves To eternal circles of Bewildered silence Rude awakenings And desperate demands for […]


“No longer hidden Behind execrated shadows Poverty’s children Politicians vent For power and a pittance Of ignoble fame Fifty million scrounge Scarce meals that ballot casting Never once improved Lost integrity Campaign […]


“Abstracted outlines of Undiscovered horizons Still a breath away No straight pathways and Those narrowest are tightropes Over the abyss The brave journey here Disregarding fears that chase Away lesser hearts My […]


“Captive masses lost To desperate rhetoric Of blinded wise men The caged minds deny Any culpability For Human anguish Love has atrophied To insensitivity And swindled children A plague is haunting Our […]


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I am the "little armored one", moving gently through life. Hoping to safeguard my sensitivities with layers of words and the expression of thought. Shielding my mirror neurons at times, or tasting music and spinning till I'm dizzy. Every moment here is a gift.


A Humorous look at the Absurdity of the World Around Us.

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