Of Gratitude

“The Wisdom engraved Into the depths of my Soul Timeless whisperings Sacred devotion The seductions of the Earth I sail the Four Winds Tumult gives way to The caresses of freedom Heretofore […]

Light Force

“The meretricious Rants amongst self-appointed Spiritualists Pompous attempts to Narrate existential Truths Never realized Their words impotent Maneuvers to chronicle Untenable claims Light Force sensations Silently captured within No commentary” The Irreducible […]

Tattered Spaces

“The tattered spaces Syncretistic clashes with Incidental voids Gathering questions And inferred deep solutions Dancing the extremes Hushing the noise of Spiritual restlessness Great Mountain ascent” The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor, […]


“Terra genesis Perfected life energy Without prejudice Harmony prevailed A now distant Earth purged from Human memory Return path vanished Misread finality of Withered gratitude Nature reverence Sacrificed for notions Of absurdity […]


“Adverse solitude Voices seeking audience Dreading loneliness Circumspect repose While regretting lesser deeds Of past entrapments An inconvenient Pause towards our Humanity Drifting Souls lament Thoughts reign in silence Energetic touches that […]


“First enlightenment The Imagined barriers To Invisible paths A thousand journeys And inner explorations Of Truth consciousness Cryptic silence of Improvised discoveries In pursuit of Self Steadfast Soul’s aegis The dimensional secrets […]

String Theory

“The formless garden Secrets of deliverance String Theory roots Our Humanity Not knowing what should be known Gross violation Self-obstructing will Soul sovereignty suppression And unclaimed thresholds Narrowed fervency Dwelling on contravention […]


“What is emptiness? Conceptual misnomer Emptiness is full Emergent tempest Foreseeable distortions Of causality Freedom illusion Misconstrued outcomes from Accepting as is Wisdom is derived From clarity of vision Chaos neutralized Life […]


“Knowing hopelessness Nullified complacency Birthing compassion Existential Truth Mastered fluency of the Natant energies Soul Mind composure Breathing life entirely Unspoken blessings” The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor, 2011 More Discussion: Hypocrisy


“Impulsive motion Scattered sensitivities Of vast dimensions Shadowed loneliness Between dispassionate Souls Fear of nothingness Altered behaviors Human desideratum Quantum relative Inner Force structure Reversal of gravity Unraveled precepts” The Irreducible Primary […]


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Dive into the deepest and darkest mysteries of our world and explore ideas that you never thought were possible

The Wandering Armadillo

I am the "little armored one", moving gently through life. Hoping to safeguard my sensitivities with layers of words and the expression of thought. Shielding my mirror neurons at times, or tasting music and spinning till I'm dizzy. Every moment here is a gift.


A Humorous look at the Absurdity of the World Around Us.

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A blog about the healing journey of overcoming trauma and grief by faith, trust, and support