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“Observing moments Fact or falsehood rencontre First person rethink Insight perspective Higher wisdom nucleus Reimagining Peace and permanence Inner nihilist dethroned Self-discovery” The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor, 2011 More Discussion: No […]


“Mindfulness challenge Dialogues at the mirror Inevitable Recognition of Oppressive dominations Each “I” has their own Hate or rage consumed Criticize or ridicule Imprisoned by fear A child abuser Or spousal brutality […]


“Conscious of Being Amidst broken lines of trust Humanity wounds Harmony first law Of Soul and mind decryption Seipsum invenire Illumed episteme Eternal identity Altered boundaries” The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor, […]


“Seeking acceptance Hostage to lesser egos Forged identity Failure obsession Self-doubt life imprisonment Inner indictments Surrender to fear Light synergy antipode Protracted torment Escape strategy Desperate dance for solace False panacea Chase […]


“Streaming sequels of Conflicting misdirection Challenging resolve Inner restlessness The moments surrendered to Ego discontent Defying chaos Ruminations of Oneness Perpetual calm” The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor, 2011 Related Discussion: Symbiosis


“Writing destinies Thoughts in actuality Deep study landscapes Intricate balance Through mutuality Structured within Love Human covenant Connatural consciousness Beyond spoken words Spiritual intent Of collateral presence The quanta of force” The […]


“Callousness in thought The errant intrusion of Cause and consequence Mass uncertainty Formless disquietude of Distressed energies Humanness chaos Dissentience with Nature Requisite outcomes Love intervention Humanity crucial act End the suffering” […]

Higher Emptiness

“Free flow energy Inner Cosmos luminance Unrefracted Light Depths yet discovered Consciousness continua Of cohering Souls Silent Mind rises To absolute clarity Higher Emptiness” The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor, 2011 Related […]

Lower Emptiness

“Forsaken spaces And shadowless horizons Segregated souls Insight scarcity Obsession with possession Lost significance Patience cast aside Sensations misdirection Lower Emptiness” The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor, 2011 Related Discussion: Resolve


“Restless path saga Idleness insurrection Oneness latency Cogent free thinkers À propos Humanity Consummate Species Unity exploits And mutual devotion Fierce Love catalyst Integrating Truth Spiritual vibrancy Unprecedented” The Irreducible Primary © […]


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Manić Teodora

Jer ono u šta ljudi poveruju, to će vremenom i postati.❤ Because in what people belive, that's who they will become as the time passes by. ❤


"I know we will all be stories someday..."